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Providing Value in Learning Analytics for Student Retention


Coventry University identified and retained 241 students by using data to identify students at risk of leaving. They are at the forefront of using Learner Analytics for supporting retention.

For a number of years, Coventry University have utilised internal data to drive communications with the student body; utilising a central services team to engage with Students to prevent attrition. One of the difficulties they faced was the multiple data sources referenced as part of the process and the ability to view and use that data efficiently.

Understanding Engagement to drive Student Retention

Solutionpath’s StREAM technology aggregates data to provide a near real-time engagement score for each and every student. Changes in engagement status provides insight that can be utilised to highlight potential risks in the Student population immediately. Alongside the reporting suite, this provides information that institutions can use to understand variances in individual, cohort and institutional level student journeys.

“It was like we were searching in the dark and StREAM switched the lights on”
Tom Beale, Customer Service Officer, Coventry University




Join Ian Dun, Provost at Coventry University, on 25 November in London, at Ed-Tech for Good’s event to understand how Learning Analytics has delivered enhanced student experience and measurable value.


If you would like to hear more about how Solutionpath are helping universities retain students, or would like a guided tour of the StREAM software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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