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To develop products to help every student realise their full potential and inform their institutions in how to deliver great, individualised learning.

We do this by supplying a learning analytics platform service to UK higher education institutions by leveraging their existing data and turning it into Actionable Insights which support positive student outcomes.

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It was clear that the shape of higher education was changing and placing pressure on both the institution and the students

Founded in 2013, Solutionpath evolved from our sister business DTP as a result of long-standing relationships with many higher education institutions. It was clear that higher education was changing rapidly, placing pressure on both the institution and the students.

In the first instance, Solutionpath set about looking at ways in which we could create something that could help support universities to be more responsive to the nuances of their business, as well as give students a much-needed vehicle for support.

As a result, in 2014 Solutionpath embarked on a proof of concept initiative in-market and the first iteration of StREAM was tested with Nottingham Trent University, who have remained a strong advocate and partner in our journey ever since.

Since then, we have made great strides in further iterations of our product and brought a number of great institutions into our community. Together, we are working on improving the learning journey and education experience within the higher education sector; moving fast to support issues as they arise through close collaboration with our market customers and partners.



Collaboration with our community is primary to our ethos as without it we wouldn’t be able to do what we do every day. We have worked in partnership with some of the top UK higher education partners to create our product and we are collaborating all the time with thought leaders and educators who share the same goals as us – to support universities in the personalisation of the learning journey to ensure an equality of opportunity for all.


We want to ensure all those who want to learn and progress in life are given the best chance to do so through inclusivity, engagement and support. We know from empirical evidence that engagement is the best predictor of success and it is something that the tutor and tutee can directly impact – actionable insights are what matter! That’s why we have created the StREAM Engagement Score as a common metric, a measure that is both easy to understand and non-biased.


Using data to drive actions and make decisions is the core of what we do. We do this through the collation, transformation and sharing of educational data and insight. We do this carefully and responsibly, ensuring that all the data we collate is for the good of the education experience and given back to the community that contributed to it. We believe that the transparency of data and insight can drive the collective effort in the most meaningful way.


Nottingham Trent University

At NTU we needed a way to look forward and exploit our existing data to the best advantage of our…


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students and that is what StREAM has given us. Solutionpath and NTU worked in partnership to create and develop StREAM, we are proud partners on the journey to evolving the learning analytics landscape.



UKAT is a network of multidisciplinary academic professional practitioners and researchers interested in all…


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aspects of student advising and personal tutoring in Higher and Further Education in the UK. UKAT is dedicated to transforming advisory and tutorial practices so that every student is able to experience inclusiveness, well-being, personal growth, and achieve their full potential.




KPMG and Solutionpath are delighted to be alliance partners and working together to support Universities.


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As Universities come under greater scrutiny the issues of progression, completion and wellbeing are even more important. Our complementary skills provide Universities with both the Solution Path technical capability to support staff and students but also, via KPMG, the change and business readiness aspects that are so important to successful projects.