• Are your students struggling in silence? How do they know that you’re there?

    From loneliness and isolation to paying for unused services and a lack of academic support, students are speaking out about their experiences of being a student in lockdown.

    Universities have in fact invested in, adapted and improved their services to provide better support provision, so why are students still struggling in silence and why don’t they know that you are there?

    In this session, we are joined by guest speaker Ed Foster, Head of Student Engagement at Nottingham Trent University who will share why they pivoted their support approach in response to the pandemic you will hear why it is essential to have a more personalised approach to student outreach in order to meet expectations. And, how a better understanding of engagement makes this easy to achieve.

    Expect to learn;

    • How a better understanding of engagement will help to personalise support
    • – How to use student engagement data to identify struggling students
    • – Why timing is everything and when to offer support
    • – Effective communication techniques
    • – New ways to manage student and staff relationships at a distance


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    January 28, 2021
    Online Event