How does it work?

Key Features

Daily Student Engagement Score and Rating

StREAM creates a baseline model of engagement for each individual student, by passively counting the student’s use of the various electronic proxies that represent participation in their course. The system provides easy to use visualisations of the student’s engagement, performance and progress to date; updated on a daily basis, the information is widely used by personal academic tutors for coaching purposes, to identify risk of early withdrawal, and by students for self-reflection.

Intuitive Dashboards

StREAM produces dashboards that are easy to access and intuitive to use. The dashboards provide information on engagement scores and engagements over time for use by both student and tutor. The dashboards can be deployed at scale and have functionality that supports student wellbeing initiatives, academic outcomes and ultimately improved retention and progression.

Aggregated Data and Easy Analysis

StREAM translates complex transactional data into a simple and powerful visualisation. Tutors can quickly view a summary of all their students’ data or segment the data into specific groups using custom filters. It can be used to:

  • Track engagement per day through the calendar view.
  • Alert responder groups to the outliers – ‘spot the needles in the haystack’.
  • As a nudge tool and in support of objective coaching conversations.
  • See the online materials students have and haven’t accessed.
  • Record actions agreed in personal tutor meetings.

Messaging, Referrals and Notes

The system supports direct messaging between tutor and student in order to facilitate interventions towards changes in behaviour that are triggered by alerts within the StREAM platform. Tutors and students can use StREAM to make and store notes in the system based on interactions and activities. Notes and referrals can be aggregated and reviewed to provide the university with a rich seam of information relating to the impact of interventions and broader service provisions and policy.

Tailored Interfaces and Functionality

StREAM can be tailored to your institution – everything from the look and feel of the display, to the language used within the tool is configurable. Institutions can tailor the dashboard to reflect their objectives and values, and in certain cases specific functionality can be added into the system if required.

System Alerts to Behaviour Changes

When patterns in student behaviour changes, the system sends alerts to notify tutors to review and take action if needed. This removes the need for the intuition-based decision making that many faculties currently rely on to identify issues. It can work with existing case management systems through API triggers to streamline with existing processes and workflows to ensure work load is optimised across the organisation.

Who is StREAM for?

University Students

The StREAM engagement score has been built with the primary focus of helping a student understand and manage their learning experience. It provides data they can use to review their activity and make decisions based on this knowledge. It provides a daily engagement score and highlights patterns of activity they can use to better understand themselves and their behaviours in relation to their learning journey.

Learning Analytics

Personal Tutors

The insight provided by StREAM enables the tutor to see an unbiased and true picture of a student’s engagement. This encourages meaningful communication between tutor and student based on knowledge and facts that can focus the attention of the tutor towards students requiring help and support. The aim is to direct limited resources to those in need of support and eliminate waste in terms of time and effort.

Educational Institutions

For an institution, StREAM provides the ability to see a holistic view of the student engagement ecosystem. It provides data and insight for strategic decision making at cohort, faculty and institutional level. The longitudinal data it provides can be used to analyse policy rollouts and intervention impacts to understand the results of process implementation.

How is StREAM different?

  • Demographic Data Not Included In The Algorithm

    Unlike other learning analytics platforms, the algorithm that drives the StREAM application does not use student demographic characteristics as data inputs. A student’s engagement is based solely on their activity; which unlike demographics markers is something students are able to change. We believe that including these markers in the algorithm is unethical however, we do recognise the importance of them and are therefore available for planning and reporting purpose

  • No large scale in-house support required

    Unlike other student engagement software, StREAM is a managed subscription service and is therefore supported within in its own technical environment and does not require the university to invest in and maintain in-house teams to maintain the solution.

  • Doesn’t require specialist knowledge or skills to use

    The key functionality of the StREAM product transforms complex data and serves into an intuitive dashboard, meaning that students, tutors and support staff can easily interpret and act upon the data provided. The system does not produce complex data models or functionality that requires specialist knowledge/skills to understand, meaning it can be adopted easily across the university system.