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Getting started with StREAM

StREAM powered by HP idol triggers timely support for students.

Firstly it's important to note that we can segment on any demographic.  Furthermore our evidence shows that different student types may engage only slightly differently.  Perhaps most importantly, we have insight into the fact that some of the harder to reach groups (males) outperform their peers when they use the StREAM dashboard.

Yes, however, with them as only a single vector it is easier to gamify and have swinging results.  Broad measures across various data points is better. Besides, students withdraw for more reasons than academic ones and often the VLE only looks at purely academic aspects of their engagement, ergo, broader engagement will give a more complete view of their engagement.

As long as the source has a data point we can validate its value.  It’s for this reason that data doesn’t need cleansing before we embark on a project as we access directly to the data points via API.

Yes, this is the value of StREAM and its machine learning, we can see what data has value and what doesn’t and it would be weighted differently based on its influence on the outcomes sought (e.g. withdrawal).

All data is kept on your site.  So it’s local or within your own network (if this is cloud based).