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UK VI Compliance & Management Module

UK VI Compliance & Management

Compliance with UK Visa and Immigration legislation can be challenging for some universities. Complex and resource intensive processes have almost forced some organisations out of business but what if there was a tool to simplify the process and help institutions meet and exceed regulations? 

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StREAM by Solutionpath is an award-winning student monitoring and analytics tool designed to help universities personalise student engagement and improve attainment.

As part of a fully integrated suite of products, the UK Visa and Immigration Compliance and Management module has been developed to enable organisations to effectively monitor international student engagement and attendance, storing the data in a central repository with the ability to generate UK VI compliant reports. The unique software has been designed to complement existing business processes and provide the flexibility needed to adapt and as the regulatory landscape evolves.

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Wheel of Student Centric Monitoring

StREAM offers a full suite of student engagement software, delivered as four modules. Together they help universities enhance student retention, progression, attainment and monitoring.


UK VI module provides organisations with:

    Customisation of the portal allows the software to be embedded into corporate systems to meet the needs of your business.
    Manual process become a thing of the past. Systematically monitor compliance conditions, create customised registers and schedule appointments.
    StREAM has been designed to meet your needs now and in the future so as you grow, your costs won't.
    StREAM monitors attendance using a variety of factors to provide you with accurate and meaningful results.

The dashboard provides timely alerts to help you intervene at the right time to improve student engagement and attendance. You will gain actionable insight on international student engagement and attendance at your university, with timely alerts allowing you to intervene at the right time to make improvements.

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