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StREAM Overview

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StREAM: Learner Analytics for all

StREAM is a Digital Engagement Learner Analytics (DELA) platform designed to help you connect your existing student data, extract valuable insights from it and share them with tutors, students and staff alike.

• STAFF can use StREAM to understand broad patterns of engagement, and develop a standards-based approach across all faculties and departments
that ensure all students get the highest level of support.

• TUTORS can use StREAM to offer students more targeted support. With many tutors only able to get limited time with each tutee, StREAM ensures
tutors have the data they need to make their meetings efficient.

• STUDENTS can use StREAM to see their own data, incentivising them to take control of their own learning and engagement, and become selfdetermined learners.

Designed to be used by all roles within a university, StREAM offers simple, streamlined dashboards that help everyone make the most of student data – and understand risk profiles in real time. So, even if your students and staff don’t have any experience with data or analytics tools, they can still get the insights they need to improve learning outcomes, wellbeing, and the student experience.

If you would like to find out more about how StREAM can support you and your organisation, please download our product sheet here.


Delivered as a service, StREAM offers rapid time to insight, it's a non-disrptive IT initiative and the site licensing model makes scaling cost effective.

With StREAM you'll benefit from:

  • Less than 90 days to deploy
  • Rapid time to value
  • Exponential return on investment
  • Delivered as an on premise managed service
  • No system admin requirements
  • No need for additional infrastructure or licensing
  • Non-disruptive IT initiative
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Our solution has been designed with UK Higher Education institutions in mind.

Using a unique connectivity framework, StREAM is able to connect to candidate systems on a read only, SaaS basis to drive rapid time to insight and a low total cost of ownership. Since we sell StREAM as a site license, you can scale up or down at no additional cost.


Take a look at our module pages where you'll see more details about our integrated suite of services to help you:

  • Improve course completion rate, retain current students and attract and recruit new students
  • Monitor growing attendance numbers and students of varying skill sets
  • Offer tailored pastoral care for post-graduation planning
  • Inform and enhance student recruitment strategies


Learning Analytics is proven to help student outcomes in a variety of ways.  But what it the most important priority that your learning analytics solution should address? Use our Stakeholder Priority Assessment tool to find out.  Download it for free