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Delivering A Proactive Support System Based On Student Engagement

In 2018, the University of the West of England (UWE) began to take a cross-institutional approach to gathering and using student engagement data to help students reach their full potential during their time at university. UWE implemented Solutionpath’s student engagement platform StREAM to support their engagement and retention goals and more specifically actively support student’s wellbeing.  

Over the past four years, the StREAM platform, (named by UWE as MyEngagement) has enabled them to track undergraduate engagement levels and accurately identify early indicators of students at risk of withdrawing from their course and those who may be in most need of additional support. . In 2021, the Student Advice Team explored new methodologies to make outreach to those students with low engagement, including a phone calling campaign and the use of online forms.  

Find out more about UWE’s holistic approach to engagement analytics and their plans to offer support to students in the next academic year.