A complete picture of attendance and engagement

Learning Analytics is undoubtedly a strategic focus for many Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), with most adopting strategies to improve the outcomes of their students. 

Awarded “University of the Year” in the 2015 Times Higher Education Awards, Coventry University is one such institution. By investing in Solutionpath’s StREAM service, Coventry are able to enhance the pastoral support they offer students and give tutors and administrative staff a more complete picture of attendance and engagement. 

 To ensure legislative compliance and to help learners progress and attain, student attendance must be monitored. It’s a fact that engaged students perform better than their peers however attendance monitoring and associated reporting can be an administrative burden for universities like Coventry which have a large proportion of overseas students.  

 The StREAM service replaced the University’s manual processes associated with monitoring and provides both tutors and students with a dashboard that allows them to monitor, record and analyse individual attendance.  

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By investing in Solutionpath’s StREAM service, Coventry are able to enhance the pastoral support they offer students and give tutors and administrative staff a more complete picture of attendance and engagement.


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