Solutionpath UWE
The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) has joined Solutionpath’s growing community of StREAM platform users in the UK HE sector in support of their “Student Mental Wealth First” strategy.
Natalie Simpson
Natalie Simpson Senior Marketing Executive

UWE Bristol has signed a four-year agreement with Solutionpath to lead an initiative which will provide greater insight into how students engage with life on campus.

The initiative will use Solutionpath’s StREAM software platform to provide data and insights on student activities and engagement, including the use of online learning tools, coursework submissions and reading lists etc. in order to identify students who may be displaying the early signs of withdrawal and stress.

This will be the first time a UK University has used this type of technology to support such an approach to student mental health and wellbeing. 

“Mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing the Higher Education sector, with universities and government identifying it as an issue that must be addressed”

said UWE Bristol Vice Chancellor, Professor Steve West, who also chairs Universities UK's Mental Health in Higher Education Advisory Group. 

“Using data more effectively to identify when support is needed is an important part of our response to this issue. It will not provide the full solution on its own, of course, and this is not about monitoring everything that students do. It’s about understanding how we can provide students with tailored support, where and when they need it. Our partnership with Solutionpath is an important step along the road to meeting that challenge.”

UWE Bristol hope that Solutionpath’s StREAM will provide greater insight into how students engage with life on campus, as well as other student outcomes covering improved retention and academic attainment, so that support can be provided to the student before any issue they are facing reaches crisis point.
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