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StREAM Overview

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A revolutionary learning analytics solution

StREAM is a pioneering, intelligent and scalable way to harness insights from your Institution's Big Data. Delivered as an on premise managed service, the early warning solution exposes patterns of negative behaviour that may lead to withdrawal or academic underperformance unless addressed.

Algorithms examine data and digital interactions from centralised data points such as campus swipes, tutorial attendance, library book loans, eJournals, attendance and learning portals.

Automated alerts can flag up students drifting below a course engagement average and allow staff to foster positive conversations and deliver targeted "personal, relevant and timely" support.

Data remains on site and a 360° view of the student community with sophisticated insight is displayed in a simple, intuitive dashboard which is available as a mobile app for both tutor and student.


Delivered as a service, StREAM offers rapid time to insight, it's a non-disrptive IT initiative and the site licensing model makes scaling cost effective.

With StREAM you'll benefit from:

  • Less than 90 days to deploy
  • Rapid time to value
  • Exponential return on investment
  • Delivered as an on premise managed service
  • No system admin requirements
  • No need for additional infrastructure or licensing
  • Non-disruptive IT initiative
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Our solution has been designed with UK Higher Education institutions in mind.

Using a unique connectivity framework, StREAM is able to connect to candidate systems on a read only, SaaS basis to drive rapid time to insight and a low total cost of ownership. Since we sell StREAM as a site license, you can scale up or down at no additional cost.


Take a look at our module pages where you'll see more details about our integrated suite of services to help you:

  • Improve course completion rate, retain current students and attract and recruit new students
  • Monitor growing attendance numbers and students of varying skill sets
  • Offer tailored pastoral care for post-graduation planning
  • Inform and enhance student recruitment strategies


Learning Analytics is proven to help student outcomes in a variety of ways.  But what it the most important priority that your learning analytics solution should address? Use our Stakeholder Priority Assessment tool to find out.  Download it for free.